Points: How to use various payment methods to mitigate risks and increase cash flow. Arm yourself with various tools to find mutually beneficial payment terms. Exporters can more safely pursue and grow their business with overseas sales. Importers can use trade finance arrangements to mitigate supplier risk and to improve their cash cycles to support future growth. Will also highlight country risk assessments and global operating models. Foreign Exchange – Opportunities and Risk Mitigation Points: Enhance your global competitiveness by doing business in your customer’s or supplier’s local currency. Exporters can offer more competitive bids. Importers can save money and increase margins. Take control of the payment method and manage the foreign exchange risk with various hedging strategies. Hedging does not mean taking risk, not hedging does. Other highlights (as time permits): Tariffs – Who may be affected? Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – What does this mean for American multinationals? Blockchain – Should I be looking into this? Presented by Devin Buford