Whether you’ve struggled as a salesperson to make quota or as a manager to reliably forecast business, you know that sales is a numbers game. But you may be surprised by which numbers should be your focus. In this session, you’ll take a look at sales strategies that help industry leaders succeed in an ever-changing game. By focusing on habits instead of results and on value instead of price, you can transform the way your customers perceive you and the way you secure success. You’ll get an overview of world-class sales methodologies and best practices, and come away from this session with at least one new tool in your arsenal, plus the inspiration to focus on your most important work knowing that the results you want will follow. Even if Sales isn’t in your title, if you interact with customers in any way, you’re part of how your company secures and grows business, and you’ll be sure to get something out of this session. Presented by Ali Hajighafouri