Competent Person Training – System Scaffold
7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

This program is designed for scaffold erectors and covers all the safety aspects regarding system scaffold foundations, scaffold components, regulations, guardrail requirements, and erection and dismantling procedures for system scaffolds that exceed the standard height to base ratio. The course format includes a combination of presentation, question and answer, a hands-on component and final exam.

Participants who score 70% or higher on the Competent Person written exam and display competency building system scaffolding will receive a certificate of completion and wallet card from the SAIA University Training Program, certifying completion of Competent Person Training in the erection of system scaffolds.

How to prepare:

We recommend that you register early in order to allow yourself plenty of time to study. It is absolutely necessary that participants read the textbook and complete all of the self-tests.  Please bring the textbook on the day of the class for review.

Note: If your competent person designation is older than three years old, it is expired. You can re-new at this course.


This course is a separate event from the SAIA Annual Convention & Exposition. Course fees are as follows:

SAIA Member Rate:           $350
Non-Member Rate:           $450