It is all about relationships. Building them and keeping them strong. Maintaining strong social ties is the simplest tool that anyone can utilize to foster business relationships.

At the SAIA Annual Convention & Exposition, we realize the importance of strong social connections. We have several opportunities throughout our convention that are designed to allow time for you to meet with your industry peers and discuss issues in a casual environment.

NEW THIS YEAR – The SAIA Convention App
The SAIA Convention App will allow you to take your social connections and meeting participation to the next level. This app will supply all of the information you would expect – schedules, exhibitor information, updates, etc. – all on your mobile device with a few simple swipes. PLUS – The SAIA app will allow you to connect with other meeting attendees BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER the meeting. Find out who’s coming, set up meetings, get more information on the person you just met, and more! Check back to get additional details and download the app.

The SAIA Café is open daily and is known as the “neighborhood hangout” for convention attendees. Being the central gathering place, attendees pass through the café all day, every day. Whether it’s to grab a snack or a cup of coffee or pass time until the next event, your industry peers are there interacting, talking and building relationships.

You can look forward to not one, but two, receptions! Join us for the Welcome Reception on Sunday night and then come back Monday night for the Exhibitor Reception. Each reception gives you access to the top-notch resources the scaffold and access industry has to offer. All of our exhibiting companies will be ready to share their knowledge, answer your questions, and provide you with tools to increase the profitability of your business.

After a morning full of educational sessions, lunchtime will be a break away from the main meeting room. During this time on Monday and Tuesday, the Exhibit Hall will be open, and the exhibiting companies will be eager to meet with you and provide insights to help your company drive change.